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At Quametec™, we are proud to be able to provide, what our clients tell us and what we believe to be, the best solutions available for meeting the ISO/IEC17025 measurement uncertainty analysis and other accreditation requirements, at reasonable prices. Quametec has been in business for over 15 years providing assistance in measurement uncertainty analysis to national metrology institutes, accreditation bodies, and laboratories around the world.

The developer of all our software tools has managed accredited laboratories, worked as an instructor for assessors, and as a lead assessor. With Quametec™, you can be assured that our products and training are designed to meet the requirements, as well as the expectations of your laboratory accreditation assessor.

UncertaintyToolbox™ -
Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Software

  • This is our world renown software solution for computing the uncertainty of any measurement process in compliance with ISO/IEC17025:2005.
  • This software is guaranteed capable of computing the uncertainty associated with any measurement scenario, including complex multivariate measurements. It has even been used to compute uncertainties associated with space launches at NASA.
  • We highly recommend that you also consider our online measurement uncertainty analysis course. It is an online, instructor supported, self-paced, course that comes with one-on-one review of student analyses with the instructor. This is like no other online course you have ever attended!
    For more information go to (QIMTonline)
  • In the interest of science, all of our calculator type products, while protected from undesired tampering, are designed to be open-math to enhance confidence and to support validation or learning.

UncertaintyNOW!™ -
ISO/IEC17025 uncertainty estimation made easy!

  • Specialized Uncertainty Calculators : Currently we have a module for the Fluke 5520A covering Volts AC. This same module will soon be released for the Fluke 5500A, 5700A, and the 5720A Calibrators from Fluke. Find out more at

CAPA+™ -
ISO/IEC17025 documentation compliance just got easier!

  • Confusing forms, procedures lacking detail and the infrequent need of use, can all add up to an unnecessary waste of time and resources, plus the frustration does not make for happy employees.
  • Quametec™, with over 15 years experience developing laboratory management systems in compliance with ISO/IEC17025 for numerous laboratories, has developed a unique approach to dealing with these various events that occur which require investigation, evaluation,  resolution and, of course, proper documentation.

Quametec™ Freeware -
Distributed via the Quametec™ Institute of Measurement Technology

  • Go to (QIMTonline) and create your free User Account.
  • Then join the "Quametec™ Freeware User Group", where you will find downloadable FREEWARE Metrology Tools that are supported via the Freeware User Group Forum. This is just one of the many free services and products available at our online institute.

Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Fundamentals Handbook -
Written in plain english, or as close as one can get with this topic!.

  • This is the handbook we developed to assist students in our formal training classes on measurement uncertainty analysis. However, due to numerous requests, we decided to make this handbook available as a separate product. It will soon be released in a digital format at our site.

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